Ross Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. (Ross) and Forrest Innovations Ltd. (Forrest), together known as (“The Parties”) will collaborate for the purpose of commercializing Forrest’s Natural Vector Control (“NVC”) in India and surrounding countries, with the goal of ridding India of dengue and other mosquito transmitted diseases.

About the Companies:

Ross Lifescience

The mission of Ross is to provide humanity with a better quality of life, by furthering its exploration in the areas of crop care, pest management, safer food and effective pharmaceuticals.

Ross conducts laboratory as well as field trials for evaluating the efficacy of various products to control insect pests. Under the Public health activities, Ross conducts multi-location field trials to test the efficacy of products.

Ross also produces and markets products in the mosquito-transmitted disease sector and has extensive distribution expertise throughout India.

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Forrest Innovations

Forrest was founded in 2013 and is a private Israel-based biotechnology company focused on mosquito-borne disease eradication with expertise in medical entomology R&D and healthcare. Forrest’s proprietary technology, Natural Vector Control (NVC), is commercially approved. Forrest’s pilot and commercial projects in Brazil led to >90% reduction in Dengue fever in treated areas¹.

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¹Oxford Academic – The Journal of Infectious Diseases reference link here.

Summary of the Strategic Agreement:

The Parties have agreed to immediately begin evaluation and regulation of NVC, with the purpose of expedited commercialization:

  • Forrest will set up a wholly owned subsidiary in India (Forrest India), which will create sterile mosquito production units and Ross will perform regulatory evaluation and approval of Forrest’s NVC in India.
  • Ross will have the rights to become a distributor to market and sell NVC to various entities in India and to support the scaling up of Forrest’s operations in India. In addition, Ross will participate in the rolling out of NVC projects in India.
  • In addition to the commercialization of NVC in India, the parties will jointly develop strategies to reverse the resistance of mosquitoes to commonly used pyrethroids within the framework of an India-Israel binational R&D program.

All information contained in this press release with respect to Ross and Forrest was supplied, for inclusion herein, by the respective Parties and each Party and its directors and officers have relied on the other Party for any information concerning the other Party.

For further information, please contact either:

Ross LifeSciences Pvt Ltd.: Kedar Deobhankar, MD, +91-9823031560

Forrest Innovations Ltd.: Nitzan Paldi, CEO, +972544777111

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