Company overview

Forrest Innovations is a global company operating in the forefront of technology. Forrest is leveraging its development platforms to address two major challenges that humanity is facing in the outdoor environment: the first is disease vectoring mosquitoes, which consequently involves human health-care. Mosquitoes are responsable to debilitate millions of people around the world and indirectly kill more children than any other cause.

The second major objective that Forrest is addressing is in agriculture, and specifically a disease dubbed 'Citrus Greening', a devastating bacterial disease that is wreaking havoc in the major citrus producing geographies of the world and which is literally demolishing the orange juice industry of Florida before our very eyes.

The company's highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced multi-disciplinary team has created a robust platform to manage all aspects of creating effective products and bringing them to the market.

We have joined others in their quest to overcome the world's major challenges. And we believe we can make a difference!


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