Environmental responsibility is deeply embedded in Forrest's diverse activities. We aim to use technology, education and our entire global operation to develop ecofriendly solutions for mosquito vector-control. Our vision is to rid the world of mosquito-borne diseases!


Company overview

Forrest Innovations is a global company operating in the forefront of technology. Forrest is leveraging its development platforms to address two major challenges that humanity is facing in the outdoor environment: the first is disease vectoring mosquitoes, which consequently involves human health-care. Mosquitoes are responsable to debilitate millions of people around the world and indirectly kill more children than any other cause.

The second major objective that Forrest is addressing is in agriculture, and specifically a disease dubbed 'Citrus Greening', a devastating bacterial disease that is wreaking havoc in the major citrus producing geographies of the world and which is literally demolishing the orange juice industry of Florida before our very eyes.

The company's highly qualified, dedicated, and experienced multi-disciplinary team has created a robust platform to manage all aspects of creating effective products and bringing them to the market.

We have joined others in their quest to overcome the world's major challenges. And we believe we can make a difference!


Nitzan Paldi, CEO

Nitzan Paldi has 17 years of experience in the biotechnology sector. In recent years Nitzan was the Co- Founder and Director of the technology company "Beeologics ." In August 2013 Nitzan founded "Forrest Innovations".


Ran Yossefi, Chief Financial Officer

Ran has over 20 years of experience in Finance and in the business development arena. Before joining Forrest Ran was an entrepreneur and co-founder at ProcuRX. He has served as CFO in a number of leading companies both in & out of Israel. Ran brings his vast entrepreneurial experience together with his global enterprise CFO background to Forrest.

Dr. Roy Borochov, CTO

Was previously the CEO of the Israeli Bio Organic Association. Provides broad expertise in plant science as well as high management skills.

Elaine Cristina Dos Santos, Brazil site lead

Handling the complex challenges that are unique to running a technology company in Brazil.


Facilities and team

At Forrest we established operations in 4 discrete geographical locations. In Israel, we conduct our cutting-edge basic research, in the U.S. we have a site in California testing disease models and in St. Louis is our North American H.Q. specializing in analytics and regulation. In Brazil we combine direct testing of our solutions together with providing a basis for our market. We achieved high efficiency in both the scientific and operational levels by following several principals:

- Shared infrastructure between the sites, such as IT, communication, legal, accounting.
- Project managers who manage the projects laterally and simultaneously through all four sites.
- Local site management is supported by the global management providing all necessary input to resolve operational           challanges.

As a result, Forrest gains the advantages of being present in these three most relevant geographic locations while maintaining an environment of an effective, fast moving startup company.


Forrest Innovations Israel is located in Caesaria Hi Tech Park. The site was renovated and now contains state-of-the-art biological and molecular capabilities, such as high-throughput growth rooms, analytics and our secret recipe for success- the espresso coffee machine. The team in Israel includes highly qualified scientists as well as experienced executives. Forrest Israel also serves as our operational headquarters managing all IP, IT, Legal, Finance, Purchase processes etc.



Forrest Innovations is currently establishing operations at BRDG park, St. Louis, USA, next to the Danforth plant science center,  the leading non-profit global plant research institute.



Forrest Innovations Brazil provides our prime flagship location and is located in a highly renovated and extensive laboratory and office infrastructure. This proximity to the target challenges of mosquito carried diseases and Citrus Greening, provides us the most relevant experimental system to test our products in development. Recently, Forrest Brazil also gained a critical component of our success strategy- we incorporated the espresso coffee paradigm!



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