The Forrest pledge

We live in a world in which extreme gaps reside across the globe and within countries. Some have plenty and some have to get by with less than a dollar a day. Some have access to sufficient, high quality water and nutritious food, health services and education, while others are exposed to chronic shortages resulting in malnutrition, hunger, infectious diseases and poor education. In Forrest we are harnessing our technology, skills and innovation to reduce those gaps. We are developing technology that reduces food loss in nutritious crops such as Citrus and Tomatoes and make their production more sustainable by reducing the need and use of agrochemicals.  Mosquito vectored diseases cause devastating illness and wreak havoc, especially in developing countries, preventing vulnerable populations from fulfilling their full potential. We have developed a safe and environmentally friendly solution to the mosquito problem.

 One of the tragedies of our era is that humanity throws away about 1/3 of the food that is produced for human consumption. Reducing this figure by 50% is expected to be more than enough to alleviate hunger worldwide. The real social and environmental burden attributed to food loss and wastage is far greater than the net effect on food security as this does not take into account all the inputs used - land, water, energy, agrochemicals and labor invested in producing this food, nor the environmental costs such as greenhouse gases and pollutants emitted into the environment. Forrest is fighting food waste via a unique global educational program targeting youth as agents of change and the world’s future leaders.We encourage you to join us in our vision and to create educational programs in YOUR country that will propel a movement of change.

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