Natural Vector Control

Natural Vector Control

Forrest is implementing its Natural Vector Control (NVC) solution to control mosquitoes. By using a natural approach we produce 100% sterile Non-GM male mosquitoes that are released en-masse from airplanes to compete with the wild male population. Forrest's revolutionary operational process combines Modular Mobile Mosquito Units (MMMU) for mass production of NVCs and massive aerial release capabilities for deployment of efficient mosquito control.



NVC Advantages


Among the advantages of our NVC sterile male mosquitoes, we highlight that: 


* We use local mosquitoes: no introduction of external germplasm, totally competitive and adapted to local conditions);

* Our mosquitoes are not genetically modified;

* NVC male mosquitoes do not carry any microorganism that is not a natural, existing component of the Ae. aegypti fauna;;

* NVC male mosquitoes do not carry any residues of the components used in the process, representing a paradigm shift over previously existing sterilization treatments. 

* Forrest Safety Principles: 100% males (don't bite-don't transfer disease), 100% sterile.

* Aerial release capabilities facilitate massive and homogenousdeployment - up to 10 million mosquitoes per flight.

* Survey-based-targeted treatment of areas with limited access from the ground.

* We operate MMMUs for rapid deployment wherever needed.



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