Jacarezinho signs contract with Forrest Brasil Tecnologia to continue NVC Project in the city

On July 31 (2019) Forrest Brasil Tecnologia LTDA. and Jacarezinho Municipality signed a contract that will ensure the continuity of the city's Natural Vector Control (NVC) Program initiated in 2018, which reduced the mosquito infestation in treated neighborhoods by 90% and prevented a Dengue epidemic that began in the city from reaching the three neighborhoods treated. 


Currently, the neighborhood most affected by the Dengue epidemic is Vila São Pedro. Therefore, this region will be prioritized during the next phase of the Natural Vector Control Program. According to Jacarezinho Mayor Dr. Sérgio Faria, Forrest's biological control has contributed to a major transformation in the city. “The results of the Pilot Project were very positive, reducing mosquito infestation and reducing the population's suffering with Dengue. The success was so great that we had the opportunity to present this data to the Brazilian Ministry of Health. This contract will allow the continuation of Forrest´s Project for at least the next six months”.


Director of Forrest Brasil Tecnologia, Elaine Paldi, and Jacarezinho Mayor, Dr. Sérgio Faria, show the contract that expands the Natural Vector Control Program in the city.

Forrest's Director, Elaine Cristina dos Santos, points out that population awareness cannot be underestimated: “We know that most Aedes aegypti mosquito breeding sites are in residences, so our work combines technology with education. At the conclusion of the pilot project, we began a new phase in the municipality with this new contract”.

The Municipal Secretary of Health, Marcelo Nascimento e Silva, highlighted the pioneering and the effectiveness of the NVC Project, which contributed to the reduction of Dengue vector mosquito infestation at a very delicate time for the municipality, which was among the cities with the highest infestation by Aedes aegypti: “Signing this contract demonstrates the interest of the public authorities in maintaining this program that has significantly contributed to the health of the population.”

Forrest's performance in Jacarezinho is considered a case of success and the results have already been presented to other cities in Brazil. Forrest recently received an Operating License issued by the Paraná Environmental Institute (IAP), which allows the company to operate in other municipalities of Paraná State.



From left to right: Américo Alves Pereira, Chief of Staff of Jacarezinho City Hall; Nitzan Paldi, CEO of Forrest Innovations; Dr. Sérgio Faria, Mayor of Jacarezinho; Elaine Paldi, Director of Forrest Brasil Tecnologia; Marcelo Nascimento e Silva, Municipal Secretary of Health and Wuilli Spader, Administrative Manager of Forrest Brasil.



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