Closing Ceremony of the "Natural Vector Control" Project, which reduced mosquito infestation rates by 90% in neighborhoods of Jacarezinho

Eight months after the beginning sterile male mosquito' releases in three neighborhoods of Jacarezinho, the Natural Vector Control Project obtained extremely positive results: in neighborhoods treated with CNV males, Ae. aegypti population was reduced up to 90%. In addition, the number of confirmed cases of dengue in these districts was only 3, while the other districts of the city presented 106 cases of dengue in 2019, until April 28.

A ceremony was held at José Richa Youth Center, on April 17th, to celebrate the success of the project and the end of sterile mosquito' releases. The event was attended by the entire Forrest team, Jacarezinho authorities and partner institutions (UENP and IFPR). It was also attended by local community and representatives of the Paraná Institute of Technology (TECPAR).

Check out the complete list of participants below.

Authorities of Jacarezinho-PR:

  • Sérgio Eduardo Emygdio de Faria - Jacarezinho's Mayor
  • Marcelo Nascimento E. Silva - Health Secretary of Jacarezinho
  • Danton Guimarães - Municipal Director of Sanitary Surveillance of Jacarezinho
  • Carlos Alberto Lopes - Secretary of Agriculture and Environment of Jacarezinho
  • Marcos Antonio Pinto – Regional Head of the Environmental Institute of Paraná 
  • Rosa Maria Gonzaga Baccon - Supervisor of Environmental Institute od Paraná 
  • Fernando Emmanuel Gonçalves Vieira – Regional Head of the Regional Nucleus (State Secretariat of Agriculture and supply)
  • Geraldo Martins - President of Rotary Club Jacarezinho
  • Luciano Gilberto Bernardes - Analyst of Technological Development Campus TECPAR Jacarezinho
  • Rosana Alonso - Coordinator of the José Richa Youth Center
  • Edson Pereira dos Santos – Coordinator of Endemias - 19 Regional Health
  • Leo Eleodoro da Silveira - President of Residents Association
  • José Antônio Costa – Secretary of Urban Conservation (Jacarezinho)

Authorities of Assis-SP

  • Adriano Romagnoli – Deputy Secretary of Assis City Hall
  • Cícero Donizeti Motta - Coordinator of Endemic Diseases Department of Assis-SP

Forrest Directors and Employees:

  • Nitzan Paldi - Founding President of Forrest Innovations Ltd.
  • Elaine Paldi - Director of Forrest Brasil Tecnologia Ltda.
  • Lisiane Poncio - Coordinator of Natural Vector Control Project
  • Rodrigo de Oliveira –Operations Manager
  • Débora Rebechi – Scientist 
  • Deborah Oliveira – Scientist
  • Filipe Apolinário dos Anjos – Laboratory Coordinator
  • Jorge Márcio Pedrosa – Public Engagement
  • Claudiane Gouveia – Public-Private Project Supervisor
  • Ana Julia dos Santos Pereira – Laboratory technician
  • Fábio Ribeiro Barbosa - Laboratory technician
  • Leonardo E. Gruska Machioro - Laboratory technician
  • Thiago Rodrigues Barbosa - Laboratory technician


During the ceremony, Mr. Nitzan Paldi, President of Forrest Innovations, stressed that all results obtained in Jacarezinho are unprecedented in the world, being the first demonstration that this Ecological Program can prevent Dengue outbreaks. Mr. Paldi also thanked all the confidence and commitment of local authorities and community.


Nitzan Paldi, President of Forrest Innovations, during the closing ceremony in Jacarezinho.


Following, Dr. Lisiane Castro, Coordinator of NVC Pilot Project, made the formal presentation of results obtained along the Process. According to her, "This positive outcome results from the good partnership between Forrest, , public power and community".

Dr. Lisiane Castro, Coordinator of Natural Vector Control Project, presents the final results.


Dr. Sérgio Eduardo Emygdio de Faria, Jacarezinho's mayor, congratulated Forrest, the Institute of Technology of Paraná (TECPAR), Municipal Health Secretariat and Secretariats of the Environment and Urban Conservation for the success of the project. According to him, the project not only reduced the rates of mosquito infestation but also promoted the involvement and awareness of Jacarezinho residents, especially in the areas that received the project. The mayor also stressed the importance of expanding the use of this innovative technology for the whole city:

"This work is an example that Jacarezinho can open the doors to innovative entrepreneurship. The success of the fight against dengue in the districts of Aeroporto, Novo Aeroporto and Vila Leão could be extended to other districts of the city very soon", declared Dr. Sérgio.

Dr. Sérgio Faria, Mayor of Jacarezinho.


Mr. Marcelo Nascimento Silva, Municipal Secretary of Health, also attended the closing ceremony. Mr. Silva said he was very satisfied with results of NVC Project, and stated his support in the expansion of the project to the other neighborhoods of Jacarezinho.

                                                               "It was a partnership that went very well in Jacarezinho, it is a health front that could both drastically reduce dengue in the city and also generate more jobs", said the secretary.

Finally, the Director of Forrest Brasil Tecnologia Ltda., Mrs. Elaine Cristina dos Santos Paldi, closed the ceremony thanking everyone who contributed to the success of the Project.         

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