Photo gallery of the inauguration ceremony of the NVC project in Jacarezinho.

Forrest Innovations began the release of sterile mosquitoes in Jacarezinho (PR, Brazil), a worldwide initiative to combat dengue and other diseases transmitted by Aedes aegypti. The project has the partnership of the Technology Institute of Paraná (Tecpar) and the municipal authorities.

The technology used in the project should reduce by 90% the population of Aedes aegypti - mosquito vector of zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. On September 28, about 50,000 sterile males were released in the selected treatment neighborhoods (Airport, New Airport and Vila Leão). The official start of the project was marked by a ceremony at the Jacarezinho Youth Center, attended by local authorities, investors, scientists and students from local schools.



Jacarezinho's children come in contact with sterile mosquitoes produced by Forrest:



The mayor of Jacarezinho speaks during the opening ceremony of the NVC Project in the city:

discurso prefeito


Emerson Bernardes, coordinator of the project in Jacarezinho, during ceremony:

emerson discurso


Debora Rebechi (Forrest's lab manager), Nitzan Paldi (Forrest's CEO), Sérgio Faria (Jacarezinho's mayor) and Rodrigo de Oliveira (Forrest's operational manager):

Forrest e prefeito 


Symbolic release of mosquitoes during a ceremony to officialize the beginning of the NVC Project in Jacarezinho

momento da soltura simbolica


Rodrigo Silvestre, industrial director of TECPAR, and Nitzan Paldi, CEO of Forrest:

nitzan rodrigo TECPAR


Elaine Paldi, director of Forrest Brasil Tecnologia, releases mosquitos in Jacarezinho:

nani soltando mosquitos na cidade 2


Rodrigo Silvestre, industrial director of TECPAR and Sérgio Faria, Jacarezinho's mayor

prefeito e tecpar soltando mosquitos


Elaine and Nitzan Paldi:

nitzan e elaine


Watch the video "one small step for Forrest Innovations, one giant step for mosquito-borne disease prevention" for more information about the CNV Project in Jacarezinho, by clicking here


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