Prominent Brazilian officials endorse Forrest Innovations' Natural Vector Control (NVC) Solution

On Tuesday 19th of December 2017, Mr. João Carlos Gomes, the Secretary of Science and Technology of Parana State, and Mr. Julio Felix, the President of TECPAR, visited the Mobile Modular Mosquito Mass production Unit (MMMMU) of Forrest Innovations in Jacarezinho.

The MMMMU has already started its operation of mass production of the Natural Vector Control (NVC) solution- to combat mosquito-borne diseases.

"We have made huge strides towards the implementation of the NVC solution throughout Brazil. NVC has the potential to save human life, reduce human suffering and bring tremendous economic benefit" said Nitzan Paldi, Forrest CEO "We are proud to have such strong partners in Brazil who share our vision for saving lives and reducing the burden of mosquito-borne diseases".



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