Forrest Innovations inaugurates its new North American H.Q. in St. Louis

In collaboration with the BioSTL, the inauguration event took place at the Danforth Institute with an impressive participation of the business community of St. Louis.  "We are excited to become part of the open, warm and extremely professional community of St. Louis. We would like to thank Donn Rubin and all the BioSTL team as well as Sam Fiorello and the Danforth Institute team for the efforts they made to integrate Forrest into the unique community of St. Louis  " said Forrest Innovations CEO, Nitzan Paldi in his speech.


Mr. John F. McDonnell, Chairman of the Danforth board of directors, 

welcomes Forrest Innovations                                                                            17.13.33

Dr. Tom Adams, Biotechnology lead at Monsanto and Prof. James Carrington,                                                                               President of the Danforth Institute, honoring Forrest's inauguration ceremony


Forrest and Danforth leadership at the welcome reception


 Mr. John F. McDonnell and Dr. Roy Borochov, Forrest U.S. site lead.


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