Forrest Innovations publishes its success in preventing dengue

The results of the Jacarezinho Pilot Project (Brazil) were organized in a manuscript that is currently under peer review in the journal Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases. The full text can be found on the MedRxiv server, a platform aimed at facilitating access by the scientific community and the general population… >>

Jacarezinho signs contract with Forrest Brasil Tecnologia to continue NVC Project in the city

On July 31 (2019) Forrest Brasil Tecnologia LTDA. and Jacarezinho Municipality signed a contract that will ensure the continuity of the city's Natural Vector Control (NVC) Program initiated in 2018, which reduced the mosquito infestation in treated neighborhoods by 90% and prevented a Dengue epidemic that began in the city… >>

Forrest Innovations attends meeting with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for NVC Use in US Territory

On July 24, 2019, a pre-submission meeting between Forrest Innovations and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took place in Washington DC, which aimed to discuss the framing of the NVC (Natural Vector Control) sterile male mosquitoes for registration in USA. In addition, the meeting aimed to discuss the Experimental Use… >>

Forrest presents "Natural Vector Control" project to the Brazilian Ministry of Health

On June 19, 2019, Mr. Nitzan Paldi (Founding Partner and President of Forrest Innovations) and Ms. Elaine Paldi (Executive Director) were in Brasilia to present the results of the project "Natural Vector Control", developed in Jacararezinho (Paraná state, Brazil) to the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The meeting was very productive… >>

Forrest Innovations receives great media attention after positive results obtained in Jacarezinho.

The dissemination of "Natural Vector Control" Project's results, carried out in Jacarezinho town, has attracted the attention of local media and also Curitiba, capital of Parana. >>

Closing Ceremony of the "Natural Vector Control" Project, which reduced mosquito infestation rates by 90% in neighborhoods of Jacarezinho

Eight months after the beginning sterile male mosquito' releases in three neighborhoods of Jacarezinho, the Natural Vector Control Project obtained extremely positive results: in neighborhoods treated with CNV males, Ae. aegypti population was reduced up to 90%. In addition, the number of confirmed cases of dengue in these districts was… >>

Jacarezinho neighborhoods reduce by 90% the infestation of Ae. aegypti mosquito with NVC

Results were obtained after eight months of joint work between Forrest Brasil Tecnologia, Jacarezinho City Hall and the Technological Institute of Paraná (Tecpar).  >>

Rectification Note

Forrest Brasil Tecnologia Ltda., In order to rectify the information published in the Half Day Paraná Londrina and in the site, on 04/16/2019, hereby clarifies that in the beginning of the report, there was the mistake mentioning that the entire city of Jacarezinho had been treated, but only THREE… >>

Forrest receives children from "Integral Future Project" on visit to Mosquito Factory

On October 23rd, 25th and 30th we received the children who are part of the Integral Future Project, developed by SESC Jacarezinho, to visit our laboratory and learn about our project to combat the mosquito Ae. aegypti. We received a total of 84 children, all students from five Municipal Schools:… >>

Forrest Educational Project in Jacarezinho visits Municipal School of Elementary Education

As part of the "Natural Vector Control" Project, started at the end of September in the city of Jacarezinho-PR and based on the weekly release of sterile male mosquitoes, Forrest Brasil Tecnologia is also developing the activities of the Educational Project in several schools of the municipality. On October 18,… >>

Photo gallery of the inauguration ceremony of the NVC project in Jacarezinho.

Forrest Innovations began the release of sterile mosquitoes in Jacarezinho (PR, Brazil), a worldwide initiative to combat dengue and other diseases transmitted by Aedes aegypti. The project has the partnership of the Technology Institute of Paraná (Tecpar) and the municipal authorities. The technology used in the project should reduce by… >>

Forrest has started its first project in Jacarezinho. Check out the video of the inauguration ceremony!

Forrest Innovations has begun its long journey to be one of the most important contributors to the prevention of mosquito-transmitted diseases. Forrest's vision is to dramatically reduce mosquito populations by utilizing its Natural Vector Control system, which includes the mass rearing and release of 100% natural, non-GM sterile male mosquitoes.… >>

On September 28, Forrest Innovations Brasil begins the release of sterile male mosquitoes in Jacarezinho-Paraná

Next Friday, September 28, Jacarezinho will witness the first release of sterile male mosquitoes produced by Forrest.  The sterile male mosquitoes that will be released come from the same mosquito strain found in Jacarezinho. In other words, they have the same biological characteristics as local mosquitoes except for the fact… >>

Prominent Brazilian officials endorse Forrest Innovations' Natural Vector Control (NVC) Solution

On Tuesday 19th of December 2017, Mr. João Carlos Gomes, the Secretary of Science and Technology of Parana State, and Mr. Julio Felix, the President of TECPAR, visited the Mobile Modular Mosquito Mass production Unit (MMMMU) of Forrest Innovations in Jacarezinho. The MMMMU has already started its operation of mass… >>

Forrest Innovations has set up a new project in Jacarezinho

Forrest Innovations has set up operations in Jacarezinho in Parana state, a Brazilian city of 42,000 inhabitants.The project is being performed in collaboration with TECPAR, the technological institute of Parana state and with the warm embrace and support of the Jacarezinho municipality.Forrest will be implementing its unique Natural Vector Control… >>

Forrest Innovations recently deployed the MMMU in Paranaguá

Forrest Innovations recently deployed a Modular Mosquito Mobile Unit (MMMU) in Paranaguá, a Brazilian city of 150,000 inhabitants, which suffered from a severe Dengue epidemic last year with over 15,000 infections, including 29 regrettably fatal cases. The MMMU deployment is the initial step in a project aimed atreducing Dengue. Nitzan Paldi Forrest's CEO: “ We are committed… >>

Following the EXPO 2015, in which Forrest led specialty workshops that received media exposure,  Italy takes measures to fight food waste

Italy has passed a series of new laws in order to reduce the huge quantities of food being wasted each year. The aim of these laws is to cut their food waste by one million tons from the estimated five million that is currently wasted each year. This is the… >>

Forrest at the China Israel Summit 2016

Forrest Innovations presented at the China Israel Technology, Innovation and Investment Summit.     >>

Forrest Innovations activity in EXPO 2015 unveils its educational program to fight food waste.

Forrest's concluding workshop in the framework of the EXPO 2015, took place on the 29.10.15. The workshop marks the inauguration of Forrest's educational program to promote environmental and social leadership among young children. Welcome to Forrest innovations workshop: Food activity- demonstrating the concept that already today, enough food is being… >>

Forrest Innovations at the Ag Show Case 2015

Forrest Innovations was chosen to present at the annual Ag Showcase held in St. Louis MO, September 14-16 at the Danforth Plant Science Center.Every year only a handful of promising, young companies are chosen to present at the Ag Innovation showcase event, considered to be the leading event in the… >>

Forrest Innovations educational workshops won highly positive feedbacks in the media.

Selected reports from the Italian media can be found bellow: 2nd workshopIL GIORNO, September 19, 2015 report can be found here.Translation can be found here   EXPO report can be found here  Translation can be found here.   VENERDÌ 18 SETTEMBRE 2015, report can be found here.Translation can be found here.… >>

Forrest Innovations inaugurates its new North American H.Q. in St. Louis

In collaboration with the BioSTL, the inauguration event took place at the Danforth Institute with an impressive participation of the business community of St. Louis.  "We are excited to become part of the open, warm and extremely professional community of St. Louis. We would like to thank Donn Rubin and… >>

Forrest Innovations will hold a series of workshops at EXPO Milano 2015

Forrest Innovations will hold a series of workshops at EXPO Milano 2015 to present it's educational program which focuses on Food Waste Reduction. >>

Forrest Innovations presents NoMoreMos to the malaria team of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle

Forrest Innovation's CEO, Nitzan Paldi, presented NoMoreMos, a novel approach to mosquito control. This solution restores adult mosquito susceptibility to pyrethroid insecticides in resistant mosquito populations. Pyrethroids have been the leading insecticide group used to control Malaria and other disease vectoring mosquitoes around the world. For more details you are invited to watch… >>

Forrest Innovations USA transfer it's headquarters in St. Louis

April 2015, Forrest is transferring it's U.S site in St. Louis Mo, next to the Danforth plant science center. >>

Forrest Innovations presented in the InvestMidWest conference

April 2 2015, Nitzan Paldi Forrest's CEO was invited to present in the InvestMidWest conference. >>

Forrest Innovations USA completes the setup of its California disease model facility

July 2014, Forrest Innovations USA completes the setup of its California disease model facility >>

USDA Announces New Farm Bill Funds Available for Research to Fight Citrus Greening

$31.5 Million Being Allocated to Test Various Ways to Combat Disease Threatening U.S. Citrus Industry WASHINGTON, June 12, 2014 – United States Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced the availability of $25 million in funding for research and Cooperative Extension Service projects to combat huanglongbing (HLB), commonly known as citrus… >>

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